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Decision Support Tools for Central Karakoram National Park

The Decision Support Tools (DST) for Central Karakoram National Park has been developed by ICIMOD in collaboration with United National Environment Programme (UNEP) through a Small Scale Funding Agreement under the Karakoram Trust Project. The concept of DST was initiated as a collection of tools and methods to address the needs of different stakeholders to support key components of the decision making process. DST has been conceived as an integrated information system with reliable data repository functions with focus on:

  • Mapping of resources and major resource uses
  • Spatio-temporal modeling, assessment and monitoring to facilitate planning and conservation management
  • Provide relevant information to support tourism promotion
  • Integrate early warning systems, quick response and assess impacts of disaster
  • Provide web based platform for social network and information flow

In this regard, the DST for CKNP has been developed as an integrated web-based system with the following three major application modules with each of the modules offering a number of relevant tools:

  • Natural Resources
  • Livelihood
  • Climate Change

It also offers a Knowledgebase module that allows users to search for metadata of GIS and remote sensing data of CKNP. The DST is designed with a modular approach and is considered as a dynamic system. New functions and modules can be added in the coming days as per the needs of the users.


The DST provides a number of data layers in a common geographic framework and have been compiled from various sources. The sources and details of each data layer is provided in the associated metadata. However, the major contributors of data and system development are acknowledged here. Many of the base data layers have been developed by the HKKH-Partnership Project jointly implemented by ICIMOD, IUCN, Ev-K2-CNR and CESVI from 2005 to 2008.

Snow and Glacier - The snow and glacier data have been developed by ICIMOD under its Cryosphere Project supported by SIDA.

Land cover - Land cover data have been developed by ICIMOD under SERVIR-Himalaya Initiative supported USAID and NASA.

Wildlife habitat - The habitat analysis of different wildlife species and tourism data have been contributed by WWF-Pakistan.

Climate change - The data and analysis under the Climate Change Module have been provided by the Indus basin initiative of ICIMOD supported by Asian Development Bank, the German Foreign Ministry and implemented in collaboration with national partners from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

DST Development Team - Birendra Bajracharya, Sudip Pradhan, Hari Krishna Dhonju, Bikash Dangol, Faisal Mueen Qamer, Khurram Shehzad

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Note: 10 latest MODIS 8-day snow cover map for HKH region.

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