Above Ground Biomass in Nepal

Above Ground Biomass in Nepal

Spatially explicit and periodic biomass information is essential for various purposes including identification of sustainable biomass use patterns for livelihood support, forest ecosystem management plans, environmental impact assessment studies, assessment of community forestry and sub national and national level carbon stock monitoring. In this regard, ICIMOD under SERVIR-Himalaya has developed Above Ground Biomass (AGB) dataset for Nepal using multi-sensor satellite data.


As part of the biomass estimation activity, Above Ground Biomass (tons/ha), Maximum Canopy Height (m) and Carbon Stocks (tons/ha) for Nepal have been developed for 2015 at 30m resolution. Further, these datasets along with Census Population data have been used to estimate biomass availability, demand and balance at Village Development Committee (VDC) for the entire country. The balance of biomass have been calculated by subtracting demand by available biomass at the VDC level.

Analytical Tools

The application allows users to view, besides others, biomass products such as Above Ground Biomass, Maximum Canopy Height and Carbon Stocks raster data layers. In addition they can visualize VDC level available biomass, demand for biomass and balance of biomass datasets. The application allows users to zoom to VDC of their interest and get the biomass information for that VDC.


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